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Just Finished! Pelican Floating on Water called "Oscar Out To Dry".

I am so excited to share with you my latest painting! I have been working in acrylics lately to stretch my creative brain and thinking as well as creating some new works for sale! You can purchase my Oscar for $525, plus shipping. 18x24 on Professional Art Grade Canvas Wrap with finished sides and it is ready to hang! It would make a great addition to your beach or lake home or a reminder of your trips to the coast! I have included a few photos of my Pelican in stages of progress so you can see some of the steps in creating a work in acrylic. I made 3 mixtures of shades of blue greens. The darker one had an additional touch of purple. The blue greens were applied in wave patterns and the dar

New Paintings While Staying In!

Here is a little acrylic I just finished in the studio. It is called "Flying High" and is 12x12 unframed canvas on wood stretcher bar. $115 This is the first stage. I started with the background sky and clouds as you have to paint in layers in acrylic or your initial sketch will disappear. After the sky had dried, I added the birds and the sea oat sketches by free handing them, however an enlarged tracing is fine. I later added the dark values of the sea oat and then added the detail of the Sea Oat seeds and the lighter values. The birds were painted in last. Another small work I finished this is is available for sale. I hope you are all doing well and creating wonderful art too!