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Just Finished! Pelican Floating on Water called "Oscar Out To Dry".

I am so excited to share with you my latest painting! I have been working in acrylics lately to stretch my creative brain and thinking as well as creating some new works for sale!

You can purchase my Oscar for $525, plus shipping. 18x24 on Professional Art Grade Canvas Wrap with finished sides and it is ready to hang! It would make a great addition to your beach or lake home or a reminder of your trips to the coast!

I have included a few photos of my Pelican in stages of progress so you can see some of the steps in creating a work in acrylic.

I made 3 mixtures of shades of blue greens. The darker one had an additional touch of purple. The blue greens were applied in wave patterns and the darker values were then added.

When it was dry, I applied the line drawing in white graphite so it would show up on the blues.

Next the beak was painted with two shades of brown and raw sienna in the light areas. When dried I highlighted with a little raw sienna and white in the light areas. I left the eye area alone for later.

Next, I under painted the wing with pale raw sienna on top and a grayed blue in the shadowed area. Once it was dry, I applied light brown to form the feather areas.

For the sunlit wing on the right, I painted the grayed blue color into the shadowed area and added a very pale white and raw sienna.

When dried, I applied the browns. The neck was created with a grayed blue in the shadowed area and white in the sunlit area.

The yellow on the head I used yellow ocher and a touch of white. Next I finished the wing with the browns and the bottom of the pelican was different values of brown representing short feather patterns. I created the reflection with different browns leaving some blue shapes showing through. Finally the eye is pale blue with a black pupil with a white catch light.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I painted Oscar. You can learn to paint other details with my dvd collection available in my online store! Thanks for stopping by!

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