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My Specialty Tool Kit: 

You’ll do things with these tools you never thought you could!  

 *Mean Brush … custom designed to make small changes on a dried painting to scrub and remove pigment back to the very light off white values. (for example fence or posts, catches of light, grasses etc.) Instructions included.

 *Spritz Brush ... to spritz masking fluid (frisket) & sepia pigment to help create texture when creating sand, granite rocks, and the sparkle of snow, etc.

 *Stiff Palette Knife—My unique design is a must have! The stiffness of the metal allows you to create all kinds of texture in watercolor!

 *Stylus for Transferring ...Double ended (2 sized ends). Useful for applying frisket masking fluid.

Tool Kit 


My Specialty Tool Kit for Watercolor Painting

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  • Based on the weight and location.

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