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Sharon Long

     Sharon Long is an International, fine art watercolorist, instructor, and publisher who has lived on the Gulf of Mexico coast for over 30 years.  She began developing her creative talents in childhood and now brings her years of experience to her students and collectors.  Sharon has travelled extensively providing watercolor workshops throughout the United States, Canada, and the Western Caribbean. 


    Her travels have provided inspiration in varied subject matter, and opportunities to develop       sophisticated watercolor techniques that give her work detail, impression, and texture seldom seen in watercolor.  Her passion and love of art began with oils and she later experimented with pastels, and acrylics, but, for the past 30 years her passion has been watercolor.  Her unique style uses dark, rich, vivid colors that give her paintings the visual depth that she loved from oils and acrylics, but with the glow of watercolor.  These qualities are especially evident in her depictions of glassware, water, and eyes, and are coupled with a sense of texture and realism.


   Drawing on knowledge and skills gained from diverse instructors, Sharon’s watercolor techniques were perfected with her husband, watercolor artist Robert Long, a student of the renowned watercolorist Zolton Szabo. In 1989, Sharon and Robert settled in Destin, Florida where they opened a retail art supply store and studio, teaching hundreds of clients their valuable watercolor techniques until Robert’s death in 2008. Their influence was further extended by the creation of an Internet web site and online art product store which Sharon continues to operate. The site offers original works, prints, two books co-authored by Sharon and Robert, "Watercolor for Real" and "Basic Watercolor You Can Do," their patented "Magic Palette & Mixing Guide," and their custom made art products including their unique palette, palette knife, and brushes. 


    Carrying on the tradition since her husband’s passing, and drawing on her extensive knowledge in watercolor techniques, Sharon has created several unique instructional materials on painting with watercolor including two instructional videos available on DVDs, "Basic Watercolor Mixing You Can Do" and "Trees and Foliage Plus Greens to Achieve Them," and eight watercolor instruction kits, all available from the online store. Sharon's innovative teaching style, easy to follow lesson; and great materials make even the novice painter feel that they can create their own beautiful paintings with a little help from her. 


     Sharon Long’s work is displayed in Gulf Coast Galleries from Florida to Mississippi, and in international, private and corporate collections.  She is a member of the American Watercolor   Society, the National Watercolor Society, the Louisiana Watercolor Society, the Florida Watercolor Society, and many local art associations including the Cultural Artist Alliance of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Dedicated to community arts service, her painting "Straw Market," a creative arrangement of straw hats, was used to promote the Destin Woman's Club’s annual fund raiser. 

Artist Statement

     My objective is to pull together what I've seen and experienced into a statement of how I feel about nature and of my obligation as an artist to share my knowledge with others. I feel my paintings are a celebration of nature and its inhabitants and of life itself.

     Inspiration for me comes from all the life that surrounds me whether in the mountains,

on a sidewalk by a busy street, or white sandy beaches and emerald green water, it is my

sense of sharing this in the painting process.


     It's like magic to create an elusive moment, an emotional response or memory, on paper. It let's me share with those who have seen the

subject or provide a moving experience of reality to those who may have never witnessed

it at all. I hope it will inspire the viewers to go to nature, observe and seek greater knowledge and appreciation of all the beauties surrounding us.

   When someone takes one of my paintings to their environment, the painting becomes a reflection of what makes them feel good. If I accomplish this, then what better gift can an artist give!

Sharon Long Watercolors

682 Seascape Dr Unit 7-D Miramar Beach, Fl 32550

Mailing address: PO BOX 9206 Miramar Beach, FL 32550               850-240-3220​

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